Japan-based printed OLED developer JOLED demonstrated several new OLED displays at Finetech Japan last week. We already posted on these new OLEDs, and now we have photos of the new panels.

JOLED 55'' OLED TV prototype (FineTech Japan 2018)

So first up is JOLED's first OLED TV panel. The 55" 4K (3840x2160, 80 PPI) panel offers a 120Hz refresh rate and a color gamut of 100% DCI (135% sRGB) and is printed on JOLED's Transparent Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor (TAOS) backplane.

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I'm the most excited about the eSports OLED. I'm hoping it is 120Hz combined with a low-persistence & low-lag rolling-scan -- similar to how the VR OLEDs works.

Super bummed the gaming OLED

Super bummed the gaming OLED isn't at 1440p; makes much more sense + easy to then an ultrawide version of that.


Same.  I wad really hoping for a 1440p 144hz display.  I'm desperate for oled, so maybe I'll check this out, but since the screen size is a little on the small side, the resolution is low, and the refresh may only reach 120hz, might be kept waiting.  If the price is good I might pick one up just because oled, though.  

Someday years from now I hope to buy a 1440p 240hz, 27" oled monitor.  Someday.  :(

the best case is a 29 inches

the best case is a 29 inches 21:9 aspect ratio with 1440p. i was hoping for more versatile choices but i assume production cost and marketing risk are holding manufacturer back to see how the market respond