Jul 06, 2017

Korean news site DDaily posted an interesting article that states that LG Display is looking to replace the fluorescent OLED emitter used in its OLED TVs with a blue TADF emitter.

LG OLEDC7 photo

Following the introduction into LG's OLED TV production process, LG hopes to also use TADF materials in its small and medium OLED production. The report is a bit confusing, but it seems that LGD also aims to use its WOLED display in small and medium display formats - even for VR applications.

A blue TADF emitter will offer a much higher efficiency compared to the current fluorescent emitters. TADF materials are also easily made soluble - which means that it'll prove an easier material to transition to ink-jet printing.

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how can one translate the report?


Will they finally improve the lifespan of blue pixels?

Doesn't make sense to me. As OLED use that kodak patent of white OLED back lit per pixel with colour filters over the top to make wrgb.

So they shouldn't have any issues with the blue colour subpixels. I guess what they are considering is using tadf emiters behind the Color filters? Or are they going to a true RGB OLED screen like a Samsung AMOLED??