Article last updated on: Jan 15, 2018

OLED-info, the world’s leading OLED publication, is proud to announce a collaboration with world leading display testing, evaluation and optimization expert DisplayMate Technologies, in order to offer companies a series of custom tailored packages of advanced technical tests and reports for OLED display makers.

OLED-info and DisplayMate Technologies' combined expertise can help your company navigate today’s challenging competitive display market and reach optimal business, marketing, technical product and sourcing decisions based on important factors such as:

  • measuring and checking the display’s objective laboratory performance and specifications
  • improving and optimizing the display’s performance
  • discovering and itemizing all of its relative strengths and weaknesses
  • performance data and comparisons with competing OLED and LCD displays.

Our state-of-the-art testing, measurements, evaluations, competitive analysis and market insights will help your display and product stand out with improved performance, and will help you to tune your marketing message and gain new customers and market share. We can work with products under development including prototypes, pre-production, and production devices.

DisplayMate Technologies is a U.S based company that has been setting the industry standard of excellence for image and picture quality since 1990. DisplayMate offers a series of comprehensive advanced tests and reports including:

  • display lab measurements report
  • test-pattern and test-photo viewing test reports
  • display improvements and recommendations report
  • ambient light sensor and automatic brightness measurements report
  • high ambient light viewing tests and report.

A list outlining the series of tests and reports is provided below. DisplayMate can also customize and create new and modified tests based on your specific needs.

OLED-Info has been the leading international OLED publication for over 10 years, with a readership of more than 100,000 professionals a month. We provide a multitude of services to the OLED market based on our extensive and up-to-date knowledge hub and close ties with industry leaders. Our consultancy services include market outreach assistance, display brokerage, business development, financial intermediation and more.

OLED-Info and DisplayMate Technologies offer a complete OLED display package, based on DisplayMate's comprehensive technical tests and reports and OLED-Info's extensive OLED industry and market expertise. The OLED display package can be tailored to your specific requirements and needs - you can choose which tests to perform, modify and introduce new tests, choose from OLED-Info's market report services and more. Each package will also include a company-wide license to the OLED Handbook.

Please contact us to learn more about this service and to get a package proposal for your OLED displays.

Display Lab Measurements Report

The Display Lab Measurements Report provides a comprehensive Lab Test and performance analysis of a display to measure and check all of its specifications and discover all of its strengths and weaknesses. It is similar to DisplayMate’s well known public Display Technology Shoot-Out article series for consumers and journalists, but with substantially more advanced technical measurements and advanced technical data analysis for device and display manufacturers. The Report includes DisplayMate’s expert analysis and recommendations.

Test Pattern and Test Photo Viewing Tests Report

This report includes evaluations, analysis and documenting screen shots for an extensive series of specialized and proprietary test patterns and test photos. They complement and supplement the results and conclusions of all the other Lab Tests and can discover and identify display artifacts, together with display calibration, processing and other irregularities and problems (including driver and chipset issues). The Reports include DisplayMate's expert analysis and recommendations.

Display Improvements and Recommendations Report

This report summarizes the issues and problems encountered with the tested device and provides detailed recommendations for updating the current model and future models. It is based on the test results and operational experience from the other reports, and deals with both hardware and software display issues (such as hardware performance, factory calibration, the photo viewer, and the entire display UI).

Ambient Light Sensor and Automatic Brightness Tests and Report

Most mobile devices and TVs have an Ambient Light Sensor and Automatic Brightness Control that is supposed to accurately adjust the display brightness based on the current Ambient Light level. This should improve screen readability and running time on battery and nd AC power efficiency. However, most current implementations perform quite poorly, and this test series measures and analyzes the calibration settings and performance of the Ambient Light Sensors and Automatic Brightness Controls up through 120,00 lux. These are very important for maximizing both screen readability and battery running time under the wide range of ambient lighting that mobile devices experience.

High Ambient Light Viewing Tests and Report

There are major differences in performance when displays are viewed in real world Ambient Light conditions. The High Ambient Light Screen Viewing Tests includes screen shots of Test Patterns and Test Photos of the display inside an Integrating Hemisphere at a series of ambient light levels up through 60,00 lux. This visually demonstrates image contrast, color saturation, and readability of the screen under various levels of ambient lighting.