All AMOLED makers are currently focused on two major markets - smartphone displays and wearable displays. This leaves out an important part of the market - displays that are between 1.5" and 5" in size, and device makers that want to adopt AMOLED displays in this size segment find it impossible to find the displays they want.

Apple iPhone X and Watch photo

As smartphones grew larger and larger in recent years, the display makers are focusing on 5 to 6.5 inch for their smartphone display portfolio. Wearable AMOLED displays are exclusively aimed towards smartwatches - which use displays sized 1 to 1.5-inch, many of whom are round displays.

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eMagin developing near this range

I'm supprised you didn't mention eMagin .  They have Patent # 9899456 -Large area oled microdisplay and method of manufacturing same which describes a 1" - 3" display capability:

The present invention provides unique designs and methods for achieving such large, seamless, tiled panels for full color, high-resolution large area displays. In particular, these large area displays measure approximately 1 to 3 inches per side and are ideal for, amongst other things, high-resolution displays in demand for virtual reality device (e.g. headsets).

Also Patent Application 20180083081 - LARGE AREA DISPLAY AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME :

A large area active-matrix organic light-emitting diode microdisplay and method for fabricating the same is provided which includes a panel having resolution of greater than 2,000 pixels per inch and a size of 1.4 or more inches for supporting the needs of virtual reality and augmented reality application.

[0013] ... It has been shown that for a realistic visual experience it will be necessary to provide 1500 to 2500 ppi or more in a panel size of at least 50 mm per side.

Note : 50mm = 2"

Furthermore they are currently developing a 4K x 4K OLED micro display (to be used per eye) with prototype to be ready early 2019 - I expect this will be in the neighborhood of 2"-2.5" - I suspect this is display being developed for Oculus .

Andrew Sculley 2Q 2018 CC :

Yes. This would be -- what we're working on is like a 4Kx4K. I can't give you the exact numbers because we don't witness anyone divulge that. But it's the design that when we go to companies and talk to them, this is the type of display they want for VR or mixed reality, and so we are designing that display with this one company that's funding this design. We've recently had, as we said, a number of other companies, one of which has asked us for 3 different scenarios and one scenario fits very well in this camp. So it is 4K like -- 4Kx4K.

Thanks - this is interesting,

Thanks - this is interesting, and maybe I should have mentioned eMagin indeed. I presume these will be highly expensive displays, 2" OLEDs on silicon, though. We'll be sure to follow that, and in any case I don't see these displays on the market any time soon...

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